Our Business

Tateyama Kagaku Sensor Technology (TKST) embodies tailor-made, and innovative temperature sensor solutions which have stood out to our customers since 2011. As part of the Tateyama Kagaku Group, we work closely together with consumer-electronics industry, like Gas hobs/IH cooking heater/Air conditioner, and Automotive industry, and Medical/Analysis.
We know our target groups' needs because we have used our experience and Japanese quality awareness more than a decade to surpass our customers' requirements. Our quality process is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and provides great satisfaction to all companies which are supplied with our solutions.

Advanced Technical
Proposal Capabilities

Our strength is that we can develop complex solution proposals for our customers due to our technical competence and international project experience. As a reliable partner, we offer our customers technically and economically feasible solutions.
In addition to the development and manufacture of standard sensors, our highly skilled technical team provides customers with fast and optimal consulting and research and development services tailored to their requirements.

The largest sales share of
Si sensor in japan

We offer a wide range of temperature sensors that contribute to safety, security and environment based on materials, processing and automation technology.
And we have the significant market share of highly reliable Si sensor developed with our original technology and mounted on gas stove burner.

Company Information

Company Name
April, 2011
Iwao Hayashi, Representative Director & President
Head Office
14 Shimonoban, Toyama-shi, Toyama 930-1305, Japan
Outline of Business
Manufacture and Sales of Temperature sensors and Thermistor Probes

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